Jan 02

Fall In Love With Victoria and Albert: The Most Beautiful Book Ever

512Hb5obHYL__SX410_BO1,204,203,200_Victoria and Albert: A Royal Love Affair is much more than a coffee table kind of book. Daisy Goodwin’s latest book written about Queen Victoria is so consumable it becomes beautiful while held in your hands. Amazing, wonderful, of course, beautiful, historic, filled with tons and tons of pictures, Victoria and Albert is a book you have to devour.

A Royal Love Affair is said to be the companion to the popular PBS TV show of Victoria. But in reality it is so much more!  The book is filled with numerous pictures of the cast of the now infamous TV show. Picture upon picture of the characters not simply taken from the show but actual behind the scenes pictures that are amazingly vivid. I felt Queen Victoria come to life in her Victorian-era frilly dresses.

Besides containing tons and tons of pictures of Victoria and Albert, there are historic notes presented in this easy to read book. The notes tell how children were treated in the Victorian age of England. They were treated horribly actually. Victoria and Albert had 9 children together who were not treated like regular British kids in the 1800’s. Children had to go to work and hand over their money to their parents. Kids were given jobs adults had a hard time doing—like chimney sweeps. Kids were not given an education like they are today, but were sent to work.

Victoria and Albert offers more interesting information about the king and queen of England and how they were madly in love, how they worked together in the monarchy, how they designed and built a mansion befitting a monarch—including modern showers, heated water and much more.

Daisy Goodwin has outdone herself this time with Victoria and Albert. For she is the writer of Victoria which became a brilliantly perfected TV show.(Which by the way, she also worked on.) Momzinga.com!

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