Dec 29

Shadow Girl: One Of The Best Books I’ve Read This Year! A Fast Moving, Powerful Story

shadowWhen I started explaining the plot of Shadow Girl by Liana Liu to my husband, he asked me if I was reading “Nanny Dairies.” AS I tried to explain what I was reading and how good the book was, he kept interrupting me with inane questions .I knew if I described an action thriller movie to him in detail, he would listen to every word, because obviously Shadow Girl is not up his alley. Shadow Girl is really a good book for teens, and for moms to read. It’s both fascinating, fun and a learning experience.

Shadow Girl  is so much more than a new YA book. Liana Liu has Mei show how a seventeen year old teen lives in near poverty in New York City. Liu shows how Mei has wonderful characteristics taught to her from her single mom. Her father leaves when Mei is very young, leaving an indelible impression on Mei to forever imprint on her life. Mei becomes the over responsible child. The child who becomes so responsible she doesn’t enjoy her young life.

Mei becomes an academic tutor, living with a wealthy family who own a summer home on Arrow Island. The island and the home are both an idyllic paradise. But not really. Looks can be deceiving! The room Mei is sleeping in—the pink room, is haunted. Something is definitely wrong with the Morison family. What may look good on the outside is not what is really happening. Besides the house being haunted, clues are given throughout the entire book that something is wrong with 8 year old Ella—who Mei is tutoring.The grandfather is continually pissed off about something, but Mei can’t figure out exactly what.

Mei falls for Ella’s older brother. Ella’s father is doing something illegal and trying to keep it private at his hedge fund business. Ella’s stepmother has problems of her own—which the grandfather points out continually by saying snippy things to her. Meanwhile Mei is being haunted almost every night in the pink bedroom by a young girl.

Shadow Girl is an impressively written fast moving story. Awesome! Terrific! Great! Shadow Girl is not just for teens, it’s for moms to devour as it is a fast moving look into a hard working, well intentioned teen’s life.Momzinga.com!

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