Dec 27

Want To Read a Really Good Celebrity Book That Tells All? Anyone Who’s Anyone Is Not That Book!

Reading Anyone Who’s Anyone sounds like a college kid’s attempt at writing an interview book about stars. The questions asked are sophomoric at best. Anyone who Is Anyone is not clever, funny, intriguing, interesting or attention-holding.

Anyone Who’s Anyone, written by George Wayne—who has written for more than 20 years for Vanity Fair in I guess what is supposed to be an edgy, tersely written column. From what I can tell the celebrity interviews taken from 1987 till 2017 are pretty much all the same, are about three short, terse pages long. Wayne asks crude questions much like a freshman in college would ask—“Did you have sex with her?” “Are you gay or straight?” I have to say his questions of Tony Curtis, Carrie Fisher, her mother Debbie Reynolds were all rather droll and dry. The questions asked of major celebrities do not answer long sought out information we regular people need to know. The questions asked are immature and just trying to get a much needed response from someone who is desperately seeking attention.

Wayne sounds like a younger Howard Stern asking crude questions of celebrities to get a desperately seeking attention answer.

George Wayne the writer of Anyone Who Is Anyone strikes me as a person who wants to be rich and famous, who compiled a bunch of interviews together from numerous stars, many of whom are currently dead, Tony Curtis, Charlton Heston, Carrie Fisher. Some who are not relevant anymore today like Fabio, David Copperfield and Kate Moss—who were big stars in the 1990’s  and are nobodies today. Hey, why didn’t he interview someone we really want answers from like former Today show host, Matt Laurer, or Harvey Weinstein? He could ask questions like, “Why did you need to have sex with other women who worked with you? Was it for the power or for the money?

Maybe Anyone Who’s Anyone would have been more interesting if Wayne had lined up all the stars who slept with Harvey Weinstein to get movie roles and Weinstein actually admits it! Momzinga.com.

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