Dec 14



Women are smart people. We raised our kids into awesome adults, and some of the men in the world are acting like sex is owed to them because they obviously were raised by wolves. Hungry wolves Ladies, hungry, sex addicted wolves who want to score with anything that moves. They think in different ways than you and I do—usually in terms of relieving their sexual addiction.

We as women must be smarter, and faster than sexual harassers. Always being one step ahead of a power hungry wolf who is highly paid:

  1. Do not  be alone in the room with  the highly paid, supposedly respected man-person who has an ego. Say No when he tells you the meeting will be in his hotel room. Say No to him meeting with you alone in his office.
  2. Do not allow a rape room atmosphere. If he closes the office door, ask him to leave it open, no matter what. Explain to him with the scary things going on in the world today, you would feel more comfortable with the door open. Hopefully then he can’t lock the door, rendering you helpless to his rape room.
  3. Do not dress suggestively. Set boundaries first. Wear more conservative clothing. Wear clothing that is not sexy, revealing, or cleavage showing.
  4. No means No. When he tells you to meet him somewhere, or he grabs your arm and guides you to another room, hotel room, private car, etc, say “No thank you.” Keep telling him No.
  5. Wear a wedding band and tell him you are married, or if he still insists on having sex, grabbing your body tell him you are not into men, you are into women and your girlfriend is waiting for you at home. Do what you have to do.
  6. Always be aware of what is going on. Be aware of your surroundings. Do not allow him to steer you into a room alone with him, or allow him to grab your butt, boobs, etc. If he does, tell him, I do not enjoy that kind of behavior.”
  7. Do not drink ANY alcohol after hours or during work. Your guard will be down, and he can take advantage of you.
  8.  Just keep saying, “No.” He will keep trying to get what he wants, but you have to be kind but firm with him. It might not work, but you have to keep trying in case you need to tell someone else, like the police, or human resources.
  9. Do not work with a man that has a bad reputation—even if he is the best in the business or is he is the only one hiring right now. It’s not worth the years of counseling you will need to work for a sexual predator.
  10. Always try to be with other people. He will ask, beg, give you a hard time and whine about how much he wants sex. It’s not you he wants, it is his sexual dysfunction he needs to feed, much like an addict. Always try to be in a public place. As in– do not go in the elevator alone with him , or in a back room, look out at all times for the guy with the bad reputation.
  11. I’m adding an 11 , because women must protect each other. Tell other women about the sexual predator/wolf at work. Tell what happened to you. Start a group of women that watch out for each other, have meetings and help each other.

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