Dec 13

THE QUEEN OF HEARTS: Entertaining Look at Being a Single Married Mom!

I was surprised at how awesome The Queen of Hearts really is. Written by new author, Kimmery Martin, I truly enjoyed reading  Queen of Hearts. It’s a look at being a single mother of four kids, while being married to an invisible man.

Martin is reaching younger working moms and older moms who can identify with what working moms go through. How for some odd reason it is all the mother’s responsibility to take care of the kids while the husband runs off to  work. I can identify with Zadie  Anson a cardiologist. She takes care of everything at home, while her husband runs out of the house. Somehow her husband is present to make four children, but works wonders at his travelling career, while  Zadie works magic with sick children and with her own four kids.

The Queen of Hearts is a completely identifiable book for young and older moms, because we are either going through this now, or already have. I found Queen of Hearts to be entertaining, funny, interesting and believe it or not true to life. What happens throughout Hearts is quite clever as Zadie experiences what life is really like in her suburban neighborhood when an impatient mom honks the horn repeatedly as Zadie’s four kids still aren’t ready for school. And somehow, Zadie, even though she works a job also, is the only adult getting the kids ready for school.

I truly enjoyed reading The Queen of Hearts because it really fits in with today’s fast paced way of living; how working moms must do it all and still be perfect. Somehow Martin manages to make Queen of Hearts a funny book, entertaining and lighthearted. She doesn’t preach about marriage and it takes two adults not just one, but instead she finds the funny side of what is going on with working moms today.

Simply put—I loved reading The Queen of Hearts, which by the way, I could not believe this was Kimmery Martin’s first attempt at writing a book. No way!! Momzinga.com!

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