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2017 has been a bad year for beauty fads. Because that’s just what they are—bad beauty fads. I saw these fads all over the Internet and thought people were joking when I saw pictures of nose hair extensions. REALLY?! Who would actually want to pay good money to get hair put into and around your nose when we normal human beings are cutting it out of our nasal cavities?

Maybe people are doing anything and everything to escape the ever increasing online and TV network news negativity of all the awful things President Trump did now and how Liberals are making mountains out of molehills. But, politics aside here are the horrid  beauty fads that hopefully will not be making a resurgence in 2018:

 Tattooed freckles. WHY? Most people just want to get rid of freckles as Nicole Kidman did. While makeup professionals have long championed the character that a sprinkling of freckles adds to one’s face, the beauty marks are perhaps best achieved au natural. Tattooing them on is  painful!!
idk bro
 Nose-hair extensions

While it’s not clear if this look was intended to be humorous or serious, donning false eyelashes in and around the nasal area sparked a serious frenzy on Instagram this year.

Squiggle brows

Though the look went viral, this wacky eyebrow art seems more fitting for Halloween than it does a big night out. This even included decorating the eyebrows in a Christmas theme—-with women dividing their eyebrows into sections and then putting on Christmas ornaments, complete with red and green makeup to complete the Christmasy look.

why tho

Vampire breast lifts

With the demand for nonsurgical plastic surgery rising in popularity, it’s no wonder the “vampire” breast-plumping procedure made headlines in 2017. It basically works like this: Blood from the arm is inserted into the breast to give cleavage a fuller look. It’s not an entirely new fad, either, as Kim Kardashian West made headlines for a similar “vampire” facial back in 2014.


Leech facials

Former Victoria’s Secret model and KORA Organics founder Miranda Kerr fittingly discussed the benefits of “leech therapy” with her pal, Gwyneth Paltrow, at a Goop summit in 2017. Kerr must have enjoyed the experience, as she revealed that she used the blood-sucking worms on her tailbone as well.

Eyebrow injections

Because gels and tints just weren’t making the cut in the quest to achieve full, thick brows, platelet-rich plasma injections emerged as a route to stimulate collagen production, spurring hair follicles to grow longer, darker hair.

Black highlighter

No matter one’s complexion, this odd fad just looks like someone smudged coal in your face.

Glitter butts

Really? The less said about this one, the better.

Laughable at best, Hopefully 2018 will ring in better beauty fads that will make women look beautiful not freaky!!Momzinga.com!

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