Dec 11

You Can Solve A Problem by Reading Inventing Joy!

joyINVENTING JOY BY JOY MANGANO is a simply written, easy to follow book, telling readers how to believe in ourselves and to follow our dreams. Basically Joy Mangano’s Inventing Joy tells Joy’s life story, and she tells and shows how to start out own businesses.


Inventing Joy tells more of the story in Joy’s own words. Joy tells how she started her business with one creative idea. She got an idea of how to solve a problem—creating and building a new mop that cleans without users having to bend, wring, or get messy trying to clean a floor. Joy Mangano tells how she thinks in terms of everything being a product and how everything in life comes down to solving a problem. Then she takes the solving a problem method, using this knowledge to help people, invents a product, and she lives happily ever after.


Mangano even writes Inventing Joy in a solving a problem method. She writes the book, Inventing Joy geared towards her clientele in a very simple, helpful; method of how she is helping us. I felt empowered after reading Inventing Joy. I learned how the single mom of three children can start her own business, be successful at it and keep going to continue solving problems.


I love how she incorporated her three children into her business. I love how she brought her divorced parents into the fold, and her ex-husband who drives everybody crazy , but can sell anything to anyone. This book is actually funny. I also enjoyed finding out how hard Joy worked at starting her business , how she figured everything out and how she became a household name.

Inventing Joy is a light read that makes readers feel empowered, more positive and more determined to build their own businesses using their creative ideas to do what Joy did. Joy solved a problem! Momzinga.com.

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