Dec 07

GOLD DUST WOMAN: Beautiful Bio Tribute of Stevie Nicks, But TMI!

STEVIE NICKS BIO WRITTEN BY STEPHEN DAVIS is  both good and carries on for far too long about the Goddess of Rock and Roll.

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With that  said, I have been an adoring Stevie Nicks fan since 1975. When I first listened to Rhiannon, I fell in love with the haunting song about a Welsh Witch. I stayed up late to catch Stevie Nicks singing the live version of Rhiannon, shown on the Midnight Special. She sang it completely differently than on the album. I was enthralled and taped the song playing live on the radio one night. I listened to that tape well into the wee hours of the nights during my teenage years. I loved Fleetwood Mac, listening to their first two albums with Stevie Nicks and Lindsey Buckingham until  my stereo broke.

After reading Gold Dust Woman: The Biography of Stevie Nicks I loved the book until page 180, then suddenly the book takes a different turn and I started not wanting to read anymore. I felt like it was too much Stevie Nicks information. I felt like all I could hear were Stevie Nicks’ songs and her voice talking in that strange way she talks going on in my head.

Stephen Davis has written a beautiful tribute book of Stevie Nicks. Davis tells all kinds of things even die hard Nicks fans never knew. I did not want to know how Lindsey Buckingham was caught by Fleetwood Mac choking Nicks one night during an argument. I didn’t want to know how Stevie had terminated a pregnancy, when she was pregnant with Don Henley’s child.


BY THE WAY—- Gold Dust Woman is not a book for  busy Moms to read. Every page is packed with information. There are no short, fast chapters. Gold Dust Woman is meant to be read on a cold night by the fire, while draped with a warm blanket.

Gold Dust Woman was a beautiful read until about page 180, then as I said it takes on a different turn. It suddenly sounds like it’s too much, like Stevie Nicks is in your head. It’s as if she has taken over your life. I found myself wanting to twirl around the house holding a shawl over my head. And not just any shawl, it had to be a gold or black shawl.

The Goddess of Rock and Roll still reigns through the night, but can we still love her? Momzinga.com.



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