Dec 05


wow just wowowowwA UTERUS IS A FEATURE NOT A BUG GOT ME THINKING. I NEVER CONSIDERED MYSELF A FEMINIST, BUT WE women need to read A Uterus is a Feature, Not A Bug, because we are still treated differently in the workplace than men are treated. For the most part women are still paid less than men are. Women are not promoted as fast as men are.

With the fact that we are finding the culture of sexual harassment still going on in the workplace, I’m surprised to find any women left standing at any place of employment. After reading exactly what Harvey Weinstein was doing to women and how Matt Lauer was basically raping women at the Today show, I wonder how  women still manage to get up in the morning and go to their jobs.

Women are thought of as the weaker sex, and Sarah Lacy says that because women have children we are actually the stronger sex. Have to say, this is what I’ve thought all along. We are the stronger sex, because we women manage to give birth to babies, and still we manage to work full time jobs, besides taking care of our full time jobs—our kids.

Sarah Lacy challenges the male dominated field  of Silicon Valley in a strongly written book. Women are not made weaker by having children, we are made stronger. Lacy says we need to overthrow the old male guard present in the workforce since forever. We have to stand up for ourselves, our rights and tell people we are truly the stronger sex.

I completely agree. Women grow a life inside of our bodies. We may do this many times, while working jobs outside of the home, or working jobs we devise ourselves. And we do this while dealing with little to no sleep, pain, and all kinds of aspects—simply from the pregnancy that men will never experience.

We give birth to babies, raise our children and work jobs, still controlled by men.  Lacy says women are made stronger than men because we learn so many incredible things from having children. Women learn tools like empathy, multitasking, and we are more focused.

Motherhood is not a disability, being a mother is a liability, men will never experience. Women have to fight to gain our rights to forge ahead as the new leaders of multimillion dollar companies. Momzinga.com.

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