Dec 04


oneTom Hanks’ son Colin Hanks has been acting since he was 19 years old, way back in the time machine of life, when he started in 1996. Colin Hanks has big shoes to fill, because his actor Dad is still starring in movie after movie, even though it may be time to retire, allowing his kids to star in movies like Colin. His mother, Samantha Lewes died back in 2002 of bone cancer.

Colin Hanks who is currently 40 years old, was born in 1977, stars on the funny TV show Life in Pieces as Greg Short. He starred in The House Bunny as Oliver—the love interest of The House Bunny. Hanks has appeared and starred in numerous TV shows and movies including Orange County, King Kong. Hanks has starred in numerous TV shows including Dexter, Fargo and Burning Love.

Colin Hanks may have big shoes to fill, but his impressive actor Dad who has starred in serious flicks and comedy TV shows, like Bosom Buddies has had a lifetime of coaching from a man who knows what it is like to be an actor looking for a breakthrough role.

Colin Hanks Is married to Samantha Bryant and they have two children together. Momzinga.com.


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