Nov 30


Ben Affleck

Numerous men are currently accused of sexually harassing women. There are more, but they have not been publicly named , yet. I think men in power feel they can get away with anything, and many men act like little boys and simply grab women’s butts or thighs out of fun. It’s fun for them, but not for us women.

Let’s see off the top of my head, I can name some of the men accused of sexually harassing women, here is my list of 26 men who allegedly groped, raped or sexually harassed any number of women:

Apparently Brian Williams is the only male NOT named as sexually harassing or raping a female.

Def Jam owner,producer Russell Simmons

Producer/owner Harvey Weinstein

Today Show host of 20 years—Matt Lauer

Democratic U.S. Senator from Minnesota Al Franken

Actor Jeremy Piven

PBS and CBS host Charlie Rose—allegedly wandered around naked at work.

Producer and well known pervert—Roman Polanski

Journalist Mark Halperin

Well known actor Kevin Spacey apparently seduced young boys.

Say it ain’t so!! Back Street boys super cute singer, Nick Carter accused of raping a younger girl, years ago.

Comedian Lewis he was never funny C.K.

U.S.  Rep John Conyers

Comedian/Actor Andy Dick who you may remember married Drew Barrymore for about 9 months.

Actor Richard Dreyfuss.

Political commentator Mark Halperin

Actor Dustin Hoffman—-I’m shocked, Are we sure about this one?

South African Soccer President Danny Jordaan

Public Radio host Garrison Keillor

Ray Moore-Republican candidate for Senate

Actor/Producer Steven Segal.

Star Trek actor George Takei

Rocky actor Sylvester Stallone

Actor Tom Sizemore for molesting an 11 year old female child.

Marilyn Manson bass guitarist, Twiggy Ramirez got called out for rape of a female he was dating—apparently.

Ben Affleck for groping MTV host, Hilarie Burton in 2003.(He touched her leg. She needs to get a sense of humor!)

Former President H.W. Bush for grabbing the butts of seven women—once again I am shocked!! He’s like 95, who cares?!

Either a lot of women are coming forward now and are no longer afraid of repercussions after women called out Harvey Weinstein for sexual harassment years ago, or we have a lot of money hungry women out there. Could it be that men in positions of power would literally use their money and power to sexually harass women? Either way we look at this, it’s a sad situation that has been going on for many years! Momzinga.com!





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