Nov 30

THE HOUSE OF UNEXPECTED SISTERS: Investigating A Slower Way of Life



Alexander McCall Smith’s 18th in the Detective series book—-The House of Unexpected Sisters actually has a plot, and a sub plot, keeps the characters talking and the story moving along at a slow pace. But this is a short book meant to teach a lesson or two—-that of being kind to other people, taking the time to listen to others may be aggravating, but can be fun while reading an adventurous soul who has written at least 54 light-hearted fantastical books.

McCall Smith writes his books with an intended audience of older women who have the time to lay in bed reading through the night, until the wee hours of the morning. Personally, for me , I find McCall’s books to be aggravating because he takes a long time to get going. But I do have to say there is a kind lesson to learn in each of his books—that of listening to others and being kind to everyone, even if they are people who have problems.

Smith’s The House of Unexpected Sisters kind of blew my mind because McCall-smith opened my mind and my heart to a different kind of people—slower, warm hearted types who dawdle but enjoy every minute they have on earth. I found it interesting to read Unexpected Sisters and figured out how McCall manages to write so many books. I think he has subscribed to the James Patterson method of writing books: short chapters, intriguing characters and simple writing.

The plot is non existent at first, then roars into life as the ladies start working in another land, far, far away—that of Botswana. It’s actually very interesting to see how the investigative ladies do their jobs by simply talking ever so kindly to everyone. I am certain  that is why McCall’s books sell so well and how he keeps his readers happy. Momzinga.com.

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