Nov 28


wowhowowBruce Dickinson—the lead singer for Iron Maiden wrote a seriously funny, telling book that gives Iron Maiden fans and not fans(like me), an inside glimpse of not only Iron Maiden’s rock and roll lifestyle but the pitfalls of being a rock God.

Oh yeah, even though I was never a huge Iron Maiden fan back in the 1980’s I felt compelled to read  What Does This Button Do? Dickinson tells the truth, the real life story. He starts with his childhood and then segues into his rock and roll performances, the making of the records that even I—not an Iron Maiden fan— listened to way back when.

Have to say, I saw them perform twice in my life, and I truly liked them.

Dickinson tells a striking, charismatic, often times very all too real story of his life.

What Does This Button Do? is so honest, telling and wonderfully written , I found myself unable to forget what Dickinson said in the book. I laughed so hard, because Dickinson’s autobiography is so honest, funny and loveable.

Dickinson is a character to say the least, and What Does This Button Do? is one of the top ten best books of 2017. It’s a bucket list book you have to read. What Does This Button Do had me laughing so hard, singing Iron Maiden’s songs, while doing boring housework, and thinking how refreshing Button really is.

Not only did Dickinson make me laugh, he made me see how we need to not over think life, but just jump in and do it. Obviously this is exactly what Dickinson has done his entire life and as he tells his life story we discover he is not just a one trick pony. Dickinson is also a commercial pilot, a song writer, has beaten cancer and loves fencing and what it has taught him. Overall—-What Does This Button do-Bruce Dickinson bio is a book you have to read!


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