Nov 28


I remember a time a long time ago.

In a land far away.

When news stations reported the news.

When they didn’t argue.

In a land time has forgotten.

It’s time to go back and stop arguing. We need to start getting along again.

If little kids can play together on the playground at school, we as adults can work together as a united team. We need to stop arguing.

Personally, I think we get this arguing thing from watching cable news—where the commentators argue, then oh so sweetly smile, laugh and act like it was oh so much fun to rip someone else to shreds. But it’s not okay—because we have taught our children that this is an acceptable way to live.

The heart of the matter is to talk to each other again. Not to argue about nearly everything. They do it on TV news, so it must be okay , right? The answer is—No, not really. Cable news stations have influenced an entire generation of people to believe that arguing is okay, not seeing the other side is okay and having not an ounce of empathy is also an okay deal.

Well I’m here to say as a cranky,older adult that it is not okay to continually argue about politics.Besides, always being pissed off, makes for sick older folks. The body reacts to the continual unhappiness, the pissed off attitude by releasing fight or flight hormones, thus causing the body to get in the mood for a fight. Heart rate goes up, blood pressure goes up and we as adults end up ill—–over time. We end up with stomach problems, heart problems, high blood pressure, major illnesses that cause early death such as heart attacks, strokes and cancer. So turn off the TV, or at least the cable news and do something enjoyable—like watching an enjoyable show, listen to music, dance around the house. Do something FUN!!

Stop arguing. Enjoy life to become healthier! Momzinga.com!!

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