Nov 27

20th Century Fox: James Brolin: MANSLICE MONDAY


Life in Pieces Panel at the TCA Summer Press Tour 2015 on Monday August 10, 2015 at the Beverly Hilton hotel in Los Angeles, CA. Pictured: James Brolin. Photo: Francis Specker/CBS -- © 2015 CBS Broadcasting Network. All rights reserved.

I remember ultra-cute James Brolin starring on the 1970’s TV drama Marcus Welby M.D. He played a younger doctor to the aging doctor, Marcus Welby. They could have had the young, good looking James Brolin on the show the entire time, simply mumbling and I still would have watched the show. I confess, I only watched it for glimpses of Brolin, who by the way currently is 77 years old.

One of he reasons I watch Life In Pieces, the TV show, is because James Brolin is so funny portraying an aging father and husband who is losing his marbles. OMG!Life In Pieces makes me laugh so hard.James Brolin has starred  and appeared in way too many to list and count TV shows and movies since beginning acting way back in 1961.I never knew that Brolin has been working steadily over the years, been married three times and has three kids—one also an actor—Josh Brolin.bro-lin

Currently, Brolin is married to Barbra Streisand—acclaimed, award winning singer, and is still going strong for a man approaching his elder years. Brolin was born in 1940, was interested in acting since he was a kid, started as a contract actor for 20th Century Fox, and went on to major stardom without going to college, but investing his time and talent in learning his craft and meeting the right people. Momzinga.com.



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