Nov 20

UNSHAKEABLE: Faith Driven Book Guides You Through Each Day of the Year!

unshakeUnshakeable written by Christine Caine is simply bible verses taken from obviously different Bibles , and put in a book , right? Okay, well ummm—- Caine put Bible verses into a 365 day kind of calendar configuration that is better than a verse a day kind of thing. It’s inspiring!

Christine Caine lovingly placed 365 Bible verses into a book for each day of the upcoming year, so that all we have to do is flip to each daily page, read the verse, then read the explanation and how to use the verse in our daily lives. Starting on January 1st, Unshakeable is meant to be followed for any year. After a few years, you’ll probably start memorizing the Bible verses.

I found Unshakeable a very strongly, yet beautifully written book. You do not have to be a bible thumping preacher to read this book. All you need to do is simply pick it up and start thumbing through the pages. It doesn’t matter if you believe in God or not, but it certainly does help. I’m not a religious fanatic, but simply looking over Unshakeable made me feel more relaxed, stronger, happier and more confident in my daily life.

I am a big believer in we all should believe in something. Something out there created us, loves us and guides through each day. So why not give yourself a little confidence booster every day? Start each day with something that makes life a little easier by following something like the Bible to give each day a happy edge.

Caine’s book is beautiful to look at, inspirational, inviting, simply written, well intended and helpful beyond words. Unshakeable is a small confidence booster we all need in today’s difficult, trying times. Give it a try. This is a book I will be looking at every day, and following the sage advice given within these unshakeable pages! Momzinga.com.

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