Nov 16

HOW THE RIGHT LOST ITS MIND:A Liberal Bunch of Spooey

bbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbbboopCharles J. Sykes wrote a book called How The Right Lost Its Mind, making me think Liberals are people who are mindless wandering zombies who wander America walking in the middle of the road, uttering unexplainable moans, complete with outstretched arms.

As soon as I started reading Charles J. Sykes How the Right Lost Its Mind I started rattling off how wrong he really is.

You see, Sykes believes he is a Conservative and is out to save America through his Wisconsin radio show and writing Liberal-hate pieces about how much we need to change our opinions and ourselves to fit into today’s way of thinking. In other words–all people who voted for Trump are wrong, and all people who voted for someone else are right. WE true Conservatives are supposed to change our thought process and start thinking in a Liberal way.

Not going to happen, Charles Basically, Sykes tells us , we lost our minds, believing the media stories were real on Facebook and fake on TV.I have to say as soon as I started reading How the Right Lost Its Mind , this book made me immensely pissed and had me form the opinion that Charles J. Sykes is an asshole!!

I have never-ever said this in a book review ever before. But when someone tells me how to think, what to think and to change my beliefs, well you’ve got another thing coming.

I am so tired of the Liberal media telling outright lies everyday and slanting the news to a Liberal viewpoint. Everything President Trump does is slanted in a negative viewpoint. Everything any Democrat does is correct and is placed on a pedestal of roses. I am so tired of hearing the negativity, I stopped watching news stations that do not report the news anymore. What happened to telling what happened that day, instead of having people on TV argue?

In Sykes book, he states “why are so many citizens  so credulous about ‘fake news’, and immune to factual information reported by resourceful media?” Ummm—this is stated on the inner cover and is completely false. The so-called media is anything but responsible and like I already said slants almost everything they report in a negative manner about President Trump and about anyone who claims to be Conservative. Momzinga.com.

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