Nov 13

Did Prince Harry Ask Megan Markle To Marry Him? Momzinga’s Manslice Monday

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Prince Harry is completely different from his older brother, Prince William. Prince Harry has red hair, seems to not have a care in the world. He is the joke-maker in the royal family , whereas his older bro William is the more serious one. But more importantly, did Prince Harry ask Megan Markle to marry him or not?

Prince Harry has been rumored to not be Prince Charles son since his red hair started growing out. He looks more like the man hired to protect Princess Diana, James Hewitt, than he does his “real Dad.”

Walking with the Wounded South Pole Allied Challenge Departure

Prince Harry has many titles like his big bro does, but he is a different sort than William. Harry always looks like he is telling a joke with that continual smirk on his face.  When he visited America in 2012, getting his naked picture with a naked girl in a WYNN hotel room in Las Vegas posted online and sold to the highest bidder. I think it was TMZ that went hog-wild with that one as Harry was shown completely naked, covering his privates with his hands.

Speaking of privates, Harry has done well for himself in a more serious venue, he has recently become a Captain of the Royal Air Force in Britain. Harry likes to reach for the stars, taking chances with his military career. He is currently an Apache helicopter pilot, waiting his chance to be king. Which by the way will probably never happen. Every time Prince William, who was featured last week on Momzinga.com, has a baby, Harry is forced back on the rung to the throne. Currently he is fourth on the Royal ladder. When Duchess Kate Middleton has her next baby, he will be moved back to fifth place.

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I’m just wondering when Harry who was called a “wild child,” throughout his younger days, will settle down, score a longtime girlfriend and get married. Or will he play the field for a few more years? Copyright(c) 2017! MOMZINGA.COM

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