Nov 10



Stephen King and his son Owen King wrote a book so big it could be a heavy doorstop. It’s 720 pages long. For me, that’s too long, because I am a busy Mom who doesn’t have time to spend hours and hours devouring a book so lengthy it is actually too long.

The UGLY first—Sleeping Beauties is simply too long. Stephen and Owen King take too long to set up the story.

The Bad—-There’s a political hint of reality in Sleeping Beauties about what would happen if all of the women were gone—which I didn’t find scary. I found this kind of creepy and weird. Didn’t like this premise.

Stephen and Owen literally write entire sentences of description where one word would suffice.

The Good—-I love—-d Stephen Kings’ books, up until the last couple of years. He seems to be trying new techniques and throws in old techniques which completely mess with reader’s heads, but which I’m finding I do not enjoy. Maybe Stephen King should go back to writing about what he really knows—that of the woods of Maine. He almost always set readers up with writing his earlier beautiful wonders of fiction with making every piece of the Maine woods seem like they are holding something horror-filled in them.

I loved Stephen King’s Carrie, The Shining, but I think he is trying to keep up with James Patterson who writes a book a week. Patterson is writing with a partner each time, and has been churning up paper for years now. He writes seriously short chapters, keeps the action going and I’m thinking Stephen King is rattled by this. Maybe, just maybe King needs to ignore what every one else is doing and just go back to writing what he knows–horror. Go back to the Maine Woods and write about the shadows, the way in which things move in the dark, etc.

Sleeping Beauties is simply loaded with unneeded characters, when just a few would have been okay, and it’s too long. Momzinga.com.

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