Nov 10


bbbbbbbbbbbfffffffFRANKIE written by Shivaun Plozza is a young adult book of major teenage angst, turmoil, restlessness, of a teen girl looking for herself. Readers discover a strong, determined young woman who goes through hellish times, but won’t rat on anyone , even if they do hurt her. Her mother left her at a very early age in the care of her drug addled father, and mother-dearest also left her a half sibling—maybe more as we discover Frankie finding one sibling who has her eyes and is very much like she is, which makes her feel good.

As the book moves on, we find out more about Frankie who is discovering herself in what could have been just another teen angst, discovery book. But readers get a lot more than that in a cleverly written book from the land down under. Frankie is Plozza’s first attempt at writing a novel and I’m almost certain it will not be her last.

Frankie is both a good read and at times a dull read. For me, personally Frankie needed to pick up speed, move faster, not set up Frankie’s background so much. Plozza could have written the background in as the storyline sails along like James Patterson does. Gin Phillips’ Fierce Kingdom does just that and her book works wonders and had me reading at a fevered pitch.

Realizing this is a book for young adults, I gave it a go, and soon realized Frankie is a well written book, gets us involved in Frankie’s turbulent life, reads well, but just needs to move a bit faster.Sometimes, I’m thinking YA writers over explain the character and plot because they are writing to a younger audience, but sometimes that is a turn off for younger people . They desire action! Momzinga.com.

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