Nov 07

RAISING TRUMP: Despite Preconceived Notions, Actually One of the Best Books of 2017!


I did not want to like the newest book written by Ivana Trump, Raising Trump. After Ivana publicly stated that she was the first lady, attempting and being successful in gaining a lot of media attention with her statement, I felt kind of pissed off.

But I have to say after reading Raising Trump, I discovered so many things about Donald Trump’s first wife that completely changed my mind about her and how we see her in the public eye.

She starts the book out with telling how she raised three of Donald Trump’s kids—Donald Jr. Ivanka and Eric, who are by all accounts not the spoiled rich brats we all imagine them to be. Ivana is proud of her kids and as we see how they act in public, how they are all hard working, loving, supportive people, someone raised them to become that way and that someone was Ivana Trump.

I found it interesting how Ivana tells about her life being raised in Communist Czechoslovakia and how her family was treated by the government. Ivana tells how nearly everyone had a job, but were paid the same amount of money and lived in the same kinds of houses. Doctors made the same money a storeowner would make. Jobs were appointed to people. Ivana says she was basically poor and grew up wanting a better life. Her parents instilled an ethic of working hard which she did to gain a spot on the Czech Olympic ski team.

Of course she talks about raising her kids, going to parties, throwing lavish affairs, and how she and The Donald did not get along at the end, but she also tells how she instilled good ethics in her kids of being responsible and to work hard.

Even though I started out with a preconceived notion of who and how Ivana Trump is, after reading Raising Trump, I discovered how Ivana Trump really is. She is a hardworking business woman, who feels lucky to have the opportunities presented to her in life, which she would not have had by staying in Czechoslovakia.

Raising Trump is definitely one of the best books of 2017! Momzinga.com.

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