Nov 03

THE CROWN: Marvelously Written Book Interspersed With Dramatic Behind The Scenes Pictures

wah!The Crown written by Robert Lacey contains numerous pictures of the REAL Queen Elizabeth and the actress who portrays her on the Netflix drama—-which is beautifully done.

I wanted to watch three shows an evening, but my husband continually interrupted my viewing the Netflix marvelously created TV show that runs like a movie for each episode, with watching football games. I have to say, I’ve never been a royal watcher or truly interested in their ilk, but considering my relatives are from England, Ireland and Scotland the show piqued my interest.

I never knew so much about the Queen and how she lives her life–which is especially interesting when she was younger. It’s incredible how she grows into her role as the Queen of England and how she goes from being a carefree married mother and wife to suddenly being a responsible, stately, wise young Queen.

The Crown is so well done, it’s a must read. It’s more of a must check it out kind of book where readers can start reading anywhere, seeing beautiful pages of pictures of the Crown TV show interspersed with the real Queen’s actual pictures of her real life when she was much younger and prettier. The Crown covers her life from 1947 to 1955 or so.

I have become enthralled with The Crown the TV show and the book which I am looking at thinking this is the history of a monarch and how Princess Elizabeth becomes the Queen of England.

Robert Lacey who wrote The Crown book, is also the TV show’s historical consultant. The Crown is a book worthy of reading, holding dear to your heart, and watching the Netflix drama that does more than show a glimpse behind the palace gates of how complicated Elizabeth’s life becomes once she becomes queen. Which by the way does upset her husband at times and her beloved sister, Margaret. Momzinga.com.


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