Nov 02

CRAIG AND FRED: How A Stray Dog And A Marine Rescued Each Other

ddddddddddddddddddddddddddCraig and Fred is a simply written book of a Marine who comes home from Afghanistan crediting a warm hearted, affectionate dog for saving his life. Simply an amazing book.

Written by Craig Grossi in an action oriented method much like James Patterson’s books, Craig and Fred is not a deep thinking kind of book, but is more of an easy to read, fast paced book written about what happens when a Marine goes into action in Afghanistan and how the dog who discovers him there, helps him get through the awfulness of war.Fred helps Craig get through what can be a challenging experience for any soldier returning home, also.

Craig Grossi is so optimistic he lightened up my dreary days of one day after another of cold temps and never ending rain. But to think what he was going through surviving in Afghanistan made me more than happy to be home—in America on a bad weather day.What really struck me was how optimistic, upbeat and happy Craig is, and how he handled serving in the military with a smile on his face.

It also struck me as incredibly awesome how Fred wandered into Craig’s life oversees making serving in the military one hundred percent better. Craig says that having Fred around made him feel like he was at home and not in a foreign country fighting the enemy.

Fred simply made himself at home at Craig’s camp, soon becoming his dog. Fred even followed Craig and his men when they served on missions. Fred simply followed the guys on their nightly missions looking for people placing bombs in the ground. Even though Fred could have been euthanized for becoming a danger to the Marines, Craig and his men wouldn’t let that happen going as far as setting up a way for the easy going stray to go to America.

Craig and Fred is a heartwarming look at exactly how much a dog can make life better. Momzinga.com.

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