Oct 31

Fear Mongers Gone Too Far? Taking Halloween Away From Kids

halloween-pumpkin-carving-ideas-100The last two years my daughter was in high school the Principal took Halloween away. He announced that  the kids, teachers, staff could not wear Halloween costumes to school. No distribution of candy would be allowed, No pranks or Halloween decorations would be allowed at the school because Halloween was deemed to be too disruptive.

When my daughter was in her last year of elementary school I refused to volunteer at yet another Halloween party because the school would not allow any candy to be given to the kids, the Halloween parade was cancelled and scary costumes were not allowed. They could not receive any treats at the non Halloween party and the kids were allowed to dress up but only in costumes that were non threatening, In other words no scary costumes, masks and no fake weapons could be brought to school. That year being her last in elementary school, they cancelled the Halloween parade and I was not happy about all the traditions they had taken away as to not upset any child.

The older kids in fifth and fourth grade had been dressing in scarier costumes than the younger elementary kids, so the no scary costume rule went into effect. I can understand this. But taking away giving out candy at school, taking away he traditional Halloween parade and not allowing any cakes, treats of any kind to be brought into school to celebrate a child’s birthday had gone too far.

It was asinine to take the Halloween parade away in elementary school and not allow kids to have any candy or treats. I thought the principal was punishing the kids rather than allowing them to have some fun at school. 

I’m seeing this happen at more schools across America where they are taking away things to not hurt anyone’s feelings and to avoid trouble. I can understand safeguarding our children, but how far do we have to go to guard them? How much do schools and parents have to go before kids get common sense back and wear non sleazy, non threatening costumes to school?

What’s next—will they take Christmas , Easter and Thanksgiving out of schools also? Momzinga.com.

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