Oct 30

What Does It Show Kids When NFL Players Take a Knee During the National Anthem?

gee whizWhen millionaire, large contract making football players kneel for the National Anthem this shows our kids it is okay to do whatever we want whenever we want. Considering the NFL won’t stand up to their players, enforcing their own rules of players must stand during the playing of the National Anthem, this says it is okay to disrespect the American flag.

This is what NFL players are showing to kids across America—disrespect! It’s okay to not respect the American flag, America, our jobs, our team, ourselves.It’s okay to protest at work. So what do you think kids will do after seeing NFL players taking a knee during the National Anthem?

I’m all for equality and people having freedom of speech, but exactly how far does that freedom of speech actually go? Is it okay for millionaire NFL players to get down on one knee during the national anthem because they feel they are oppressed? At first it was because cops were mistreating men of color. When the Texans kneeled at their game over the last weekend of October it was because their owner called them ‘inmates.’

These are big, strong players who are at this point in time taking life way too seriously and teaching our kids that it is okay to do whatever we want when we want. So it’s okay for high school kids to not do their classwork, not do homework, not hand it in and not show up to class? This is what these NFL players are showing America. It’s okay to not do the right thing. It’s okay to do whatever they want at work, right?

So what happens to America if the 44% of employed Americans do not show up for work? Who will pay America’s bills then? If we can do whatever we want now, and not have or show any respect for anyone else, then we can all stay home, hop online and express our opinions all day and all night long, right?

Don’t prospective employers look at our online media to see if we are employable candidates?  If we have to watch what we say and do in the public eye, so why don’t NFL players have to watch what they say and do in the public eye? It’s okay for NFL players to do what they want, so why is it not okay for employed people to say and do what we want?

Continue taking a knee, NFL players and keep showing kids it’s okay to not respect anything. Momzinga.com.


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