Oct 26

Seven Days of Us: Reminded Me of A Woody Allen Movie

kjhgfcxdcvfgbhnjmSeven Days of Us reminded me of  Woody Allen’s  movies, which meander until aggravation sets in and we give up or fast forward the flick.

Seven Days of Us is a family drama book cleverly written about four family members who unwillingly—except for the mother, who has discovered she has cancer, wind up in  house quarantine for seven days. Older daughter Olivia is coming home for Christmas for the first time in years.

But there’s one huge catch—Olivia has to be quarantined because she works in famine stricken countries fighting Ebola-like viruses. She is unselfish, but hates her family that she seemingly can’t stand to be in the same room with. Her sister, Phoebe is impossibly selfish, and completely caught up with everything Internet related.

So Emma(the Mom) tries to make a wonderful Christmas for her family— she unselfishly doesn’t tell them. Each family member is keeping a secret from the other. The father comes off as a selfish snob, who makes a living writing restaurant reviews. His secret is unreal in how he never told his wife about the child he had with another woman way back when until that child knocks on their front door.

I plowed through Seven Days of  Us to find out what happens to the four main family members and if anyone spills the truth. It’s a I have to find out what happened kind of book. I also had to find out what happens to Jesse, the father’s secret son born to the woman he doesn’t marry.

The only problem with this well written book are the storylines take too long to develop. I felt like I was pushing myself through Seven Days of Us to see if the storylines finally connect and the selfish family members finally realize someone else is alive and needs their help. The main theme is a good one, but it reminded me of a not moving along Woody Allen movie I’ve already suffered through.

The seven Days of Us is not the best book ever, but it is not the worst either. It comes out somewhere in the Woody Allen-like sphere, in the middle. Momzinga.com.



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