Oct 24

Momzinga’s Bucket List Bands To See Before We Hit Our Final Demise

Bruno-Mars-Atlantic-e1468511596832 justjmkd10 BUCKET LIST BANDS—-

Bands we have to see before we you know what I mean, cause you know what a bucket list is for. After watching the news the other day, and seeing a 94 year old women jump from a plane going skydiving, I was inspired to make my own bucket list. You know what I mean don’t you, like the movie about the two old guys who meet in the hospital who are both dying and start talking to each other about what they want to do before they bite the dust.

I love music and have to listen to music everyday, Currently, we live in an area that is culturally depleted of well umm culture. I don’t consider bands from the 1960’s and 1970’s to be part of my life, and I really do not want to hear bands from long ago playing songs I didn’t like way back when I was a toddler still wearing diapers. So I started my own bucket list of bands I want to see before I Hit my great demise—which may happen in my own mountainous backyard. Considering we live in the Wilds of Pennsylvania, I may interrupt a bear munching on a tasty snack or trip and fall down our mountainous, sloping backyard. I’m more of a warm weather beach person, not a mountain climber, but whatever.

So here are the ultimate bucket list bands we should all want to see before we sail off to warmer shores:

  1. Carrie Underwood
  2. Blondie
  3. Jon Bon Jovi—Saw Bon Jovi on his first tour in a ratty bar in Buffalo, New York. He played to all 150 of us, like he was playing a stadium show.
  4. Bob Seger
  5. Prince—Damn, we missed our chance, because he left this planet way too early!
  6. Bruno Mars—who combines  the Police, Elvis, Prince and Michael Jackson together to make what I’ve heard is a kick ass show.
  7. Chris Stapleton—-because he’s completely different from any other artist out there today!
  8. Keith Urban
  9. Justin Timberlake
  10. Keb Mo—Is Keb Mo still touring?

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