Oct 20

EMMA IN THE NIGHT: A Frightful Story of Child Abuse

When I first started reading Emma In The Night, I did not like the book. I was going to give it a snarky review. But once I  hit page 100, it hit me what was going on, and exactly why Wendy Walker over explains narcissism, and writes Emma in such a simple way. She writes the book in a more childlike way, and there’s a reason for this. Basically what it comes down to, is readers need to allow  this well written, well researched, clever story to play out.

I fell in love with Emma In The Night. It took 100 pages to get what was going on and where it led, but by that time I was figuring out what Wendy Walker was doing, and where the book was going.

The mystery of what happened to Emma enfolds throughout the book. We get to see how Abby figures out what is wrong with Cass, Mrs. Martin, Mr. Martin, the two brothers  and what happens to Emma throughout the book. Once figuring out how Cass is very much like her mother, and how Emma is also, that’s when the mystery takes on new heights and readers will be stunned to read what happens next.

Emma In The Night is a mystery thriller that goes seriously fast. I read 100 pages in one sitting, and whipped through the rest of the book. Emma in the Night is most definitely written for super busy moms who have little time to read books. It’s a wonderful thrill ride while realizes something isn’t right with Cass, or Cass’s story.

Emma In The Night is told from different points of view, and is written very simply It does make for decent reading for super busy moms who want to read a fast moving book.

The story idea is a great one. Cass and her sister Emma are unfortunately born unto a mother who is so self involved, narcisstic she will do anything to latch onto a man. Mrs. Martin uses her daughters in cruel and horrible ways, like a criminal does. She uses them to gain attention and love and takes things away to mess with their minds. The sisters must love their mother, giving her undivided attention, or suffer the consequences. During the course of the book we discover how similar they truly are to their mother’s narcissistic methods and how far they will go for love .Momzinga.com.



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