Oct 16



Tyler Perry is one of the funniest guys in the world. Perry has become a multi millionaire by doing what comes naturally to him, taking his comedic sense of the world, writing about it, and making what he feels inside into seriously funny movies that are so funny, you can’t help but watch his Madea  films and laugh hysterically.

What’s not to laugh at when a tall guy dressed as a grandmother preaching the gospel to people in such a way that nobody can talk like this anymore. Madea, I mean Tyler Perry is completely politically incorrect. He’s so damn funny with what he says and how he says it.

What makes it better is Madea is not preaching, she just is the way she is!

OMG! Tyler Perry did not have an easy life growing up. The man who was supposed to be his father, was not really his dad, and he beat Perry. Perry felt like he found a safe place when he went to church with his mother and sought solace in the gospel tunes, the teachings of the bible and the sanctuary that is the church—which btw, we can tell he has a vast knowledge of, because his character Madea says stuff that is common sense and bible based.

Believe it or not, but Tyler Perry is 48 years old already, even though he looks much younger. As of this writing he is not married. He’s worth half a billion dollars and he writes all of his movies, stars in them and has had numerous stage plays, some with Madea in the starring role. BOO! 2 A Madea Halloween is coming out next. Momzinga.com.

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