Oct 16

In The Mood For A Party-Like Game of Clue? Read the Cleverly Written Whodunit:The Party.

squirrelsThe Party written by Elizabeth Day is an almost impossible to figure out whodunit until the very end.Day cleverly leads readers on a chase, giving clues along the way, backtracking, telling what happens at the party. It’s an old fashioned whodunit.

I found it entrancing and irritating at the same time. Irritating because Day doesn’t give up the answers until the end, but does keep giving clues as to what is going on. Until we literally find ourselves going saying OMG!

Elizabeth Day does not give the answers away until the end. But that’s what makes The Party such a magnificent read. We all know that Martin has been shorted the empathy gene from the get go. In fact he never even had a father, because his father dies while his mother is eight months pregnant.


His mother must have been the crazy person who gave Martin the non-empathy, killer gene. She is so horrible that when her husband slips on the ice mailing out Christmas cards, she goes outside, bends over his dead body, grabs the cards and walks away, 8 months pregnant, to mail them.

Oh, Martin tried to fit in, but he is not one of the normal boys, he is sick and twisted inside and will not admit he has any problems. Why should he? He doesn’t even know he has a problem. That’s what makes The Party such a great read. Day takes us on a trip through Martin’s life. Martin is a nasty human being. He kills animals, and doesn’t care. He marries a woman just because he thinks he should so he can use her to get what he wants. And that is closer to his wealthy best friend who he wants to become his more than best friend.

OMG! We discover throughout The Party that Martin is gay, twisted, never was loved, becomes an orphan, is taken in by his friend Ben’s family who are very wealthy and are friends with Britain’s prime minister.

What really gets us is exactly who is lying, who is not and whodunit? It’s kind of like a game of Clue, complete with Mr. Mustard killing Mrs. Green with a candlestick in the dining room. Momzinga.com.

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