Oct 16



What happened to teaching our kids basic life skills?  The basic life skills we need to know to get through everyday, people are not learning anymore. Are schools dropping the ball or are the parents, or is it everyone’s fault?This way they can live a better life of living healthier, respectful, decent lives.

My parents taught me all of these everyday things we all need to know to get through the day, that I’m thinking kids are not being taught anymore:

  1. 1.How to tell time on a standard clock—-not using digital or cellphone time. What happens if there is a natural disaster and the cell towers go out, how do we figure out what time it is?
  2. 2.How to do math the regular, normal human being way, not the common core way.
  3. How to clean the house. In other words daily life skills. How to do laundry. How to do simple sewing tasks like putting a button on a shirt.
  4. How to do math in our heads.
  5. How to add up the items in our heads at the store in the cart, before getting to the check out, so you know how much money you will be spending
  6. How to buy nutritious foods.
  7. How to grow vegetables.
  8. How to cook.
  9. How to spell, use correct grammar, and how to create a sentence and thus a paragraph so people can get jobs. How to write an essay, so people can do well in school.
  10. How to look up information not using the Internet. What if?

There are many more basic life skills dealing with socialization that sadly people do not know anymore such as answering a phone, due to millions of people growing up using cell phones, we as a society have lost he ability to answer a phone, use a landline phone and we have lost our ability to socialize with our neighbors. Momzinga.com.

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  1. Christine Hatfield

    There is an entire generation missing these basic skills but I think we are doing better with the next one coming up. The 25 year olds may not be able to read a clock but the 10 year olds can.

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