Oct 17

When Are Liberal Women Protesting Harvey Weinstein’s Sexual Harassment of Women?


When are protesters going to start parading around in pink hats protesting mistreatment of women in Hollywood? Where are these women? Are they organizing a protest on a large scale in New York City where Harvey Weinstein was born, raised and started his career?

Why am I not hearing anything about women protesting in the streets thus causing a huge ruckus and getting major media attention? Afterall weren’t women opposed to a locker room talking Donald Trump talking trash about women many years before he became president?

So why aren’t women banning together and carrying on in a loud manner about what Harvey Weinstein did to wannabe actresses?

I think it is not okay for men to take advantage of young women by using their stature in society, at their businesses such as what Weinstein did as a big producer of Hollywood movies. Why aren’t women outraged by what he did? Why are Meryl Streep, Ashley Judd , Madonna not outraged about what he did to young women? Didn’t Weinstein try to have sex with a young Ashley Judd?

Maybe it is time, we women, no matter what political party we belong to, no matter what color we are, we get together and protest the unethical treatment of Hollywood workers.. Women should not have to give sexual favors to men to get a job, keep a job or to make good money working their jobs.

As far as the casting couch goes, let’s put it outside at the curb! Momzinga.com.

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