Oct 11

Once A Mom, Always A Mom: Respect Women, Harvey Weinstein!

Being a Mom doesn’t end when our kids become adults, because they still need our love, help and our guidance to continue on the pathway to becoming and staying decent, law abiding, respectful  human beings.

I am against what Harvey Weinstein did to young women who were breaking into acting. I am against the heinous, disgusting, grotesque behavior a man in his powerful position did to young wannabe actresses. He knew he had the advantage in a male dominated field, where men own Hollywood, and women are sexualized by men. Even women action figures like Wonder Woman and Marvel Comics heroines  are sexualized by wearing skimpy outfits.

How about respecting women, Harvey Weinstein and not raping them? If Bill Cosby had to atone for his sins, then so does Harvey Weinstein—put him in jail! Why was Weinstein allowed to flee to another country, for supposed ‘treatment?’

Now what do I have to boycott every Harvey Weinstein company produced movie, such as Pulp Fiction and Goodwill Hunting?

I am boycotting the NFL and all of their sponsors such as Ford, Disney, and especially all Pepsi products.

By being a strong motivated mom, who stands for something, that means I am showing my children that we moms need to respect ourselves, our spouses, our kids, and our country. NFL football players do not respect the American flag or the American military. That’s why I am boycotting the NFL, because they have not issued a strong, ethical reason countering the protests by the NFL team members.

Hey, my husband told me to stand for something through my website, Momzinga.com and I have decided to do just that!

Moms become strong women after giving birth to our kids and raising them. Being a mom is a hard job. When we moms stand for something meaningful then we are showing our children how to be strong, respectful, decent people. Otherwise, we aren’t doing our jobs as parents.

Moms need to stand for something, earning respect for ourselves as well as our country. If we don’t stand for respect of America, the American flag, and ourselves, we will have nothing left to stand for and there will not be an America  left to live in. Momzinga.com.


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