Oct 10

THE NINTH HOUR: Literary Genius, But Not My Cup of Tea

ninthBeautifully written, The Ninth Hour is an inspiring piece of fiction. Alice Mc Dermont writes beautiful books, that are literary masterpieces.

The Ninth Hour starts out as a promising storyline develops, then in walks Sister St. Saviour and the plot does not thicken, it slows down to a trickle. Alice McDermott  writes in a method of literary beauty, where she still manages to have action taking place.

The story suddenly stops even though continual action takes place. I completely understand what McDermott is doing. But I have to say, The Ninth Hour will never be a thriller book made into a thrilling movie or TV show where McDermott makes millions of dollars writing. McDermott is taking the literary high road, which forced me along to read more of the book, but bored me beyond reason.

I literally could not force myself to keep reading The Ninth Hour—alas it was not my kind of book. Yes, I’ll admit it, I was bored. I truly did not care what the nuns wore, how they acted, and how they treated everyone, and some of the nuns treated people in a nasty manner.

The story starts out in a horrific way, where the real storyline simply stops and a force of nuns takes over. And with the continual ongoing starts and stops in the storyline, I became uninterested , where my mind started wandering onto all of the great books I recently read. McDermott may have started the story of how Jim commits suicide in the very beginning of the book with telling more of the story about the couple and how Jim was fired and what truly led up to him doing what he did. Perhaps a little more story centering on the couple and not so much literary action on the nuns administering aid to poor Irish immigrants would have made the story more interesting. Momzinga.com.


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