Oct 09

SNL’s Lorne Michaels is a Hypocrite!


Why is there a major double standard with Liberals saying everything Donald Trump does is wrong? Why is the Liberal media not talking about Harvey Weinstein and how he is embroiled in a sex scandal? Why is it okay for every Liberal media source out there to slam President Trump every day, and for SNL writers to slam whatever President Trump does, but not mention anything about how Harvey Weinstein has been using sex as a weapon to get women to sleep with him so they can get the part?

Liberals wouldn’t vote for Donald Trump because he made a sexist statement years ago in a male locker room, but seemingly not one actor is saying anything about how Weinstein treated women like sexual playtoys for his sick, disgusting, rotting inner enjoyment. He did all of this while owning his own Hollywood production company and has been according to the media gone on indefinite leave. Other sources say he has been fired from his own company for sexually harassing young women for numerous years.

Sounds like Lorne Michaels is a hypocrite!  WHY? READ ON:

I’ve always heard of the Hollywood casting couch where women are told they have to sleep with a director or a producer to get the acting job, but after reading online how horrible Weinstein treated women and SNL is not doing any Weinstein skits, but instead continues mocking President Trump, something isn’t right in Tinsel town.

ESPN columnist Buster Olney said on Twitter Sunday morning, “SNL with nothing on Weinstein? Gutless .”

SNL creator Lorne Michaels said they decided not to go after Weinstein because he’s from New York.

‘It’s a New York thing,” he told the Daily Mail about Weinstein, who was born in Queens. Ummm—-shouldn’t it be a New York thing, when Trump is mocked by SNL?! After all, Trump is from New York City where SNL goes live every Saturday night. Hypocrites!! .Momzinga.com.

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