Oct 06


Philip Jeff has an academy award winning book on his hands, that of The Death of An Heir. I read 150 pages in one sitting the other evening as Death of An heir literally sails away at such a fast pace, it is almost impossible to keep up.

The Death of An Heir, If it isn’t already in the works, Heir should be made into a movie. It is a sad story, but Jett runs away with the fast paced, riveting, we have to find out what happens next prose. Incredibly, it reads like a movie script.

What happened when Adolph Coors III, one of the Coors brewing dynasty  was kidnapped  back in 1960? A hapless loser who has a criminal past, decides to make money the easy way by kidnapping Adolph Coors III—-right near his country home in Colorado.

Adolph Coors drove himself to work, lived in a large ranch home, not a mansion, to keep his life to an almost regular,  ordinary person’s lifestyle. Even though The Coors dynasty children could have lived in magical splendor, their father kept his kids from living in mansions and doing whatever they wanted. Dad didn’t spoil his children and made all of his sons work for a living.

Considering the Coors heirs did not live the high life, they didn’t  think they needed bodyguards back in the 1950’s and 1960’s. The three sons went to work everyday as major decision makers, and lived regular lives—–although they did belong to seven country clubs and bolstered the economy of Golden Colorado, they worked hard everyday.

Adolph Coors is kidnapped by Joe Corbett who lost his mind when his mother died. Corbett attempts to kidnap Adolph and Coors III fights back. Corbett shoots him twice, drags him into his car and leaves plenty of evidence behind.

Jeff even says if Coors III had simply allowed Corbett to kidnap him he would have lived a long, healthy life. But, considering something in Corbett had already snapped, he wasn’t going to allow his meal ticket to get away and killed him, still sending out the ransom letter, but leaving town to hide out in plain sight.

Philip Jeff tells the story so realistically, readers will feel like they are right there. It really is as if we are watching a movie, not reading a book—it goes so fast.

One of the best books I have read this year, of 2017. Certainly the best true life story of 2017!! Momzinga.com.


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