Oct 02



After looking Creek Stewart up online on four websites, I have not discovered his age, his date of birth or where he hails from. So, I can’t tell you exactly how old he is, but after guessing, I’m thinking he’s in his mid-40’s.

Currently, though, I do know the Weather Channel’s survival guy, who gives his expert survival advice on the TV show: SOS: How to Survive. I watched two of these shows the other day, and considering we live in the Wilds of Pennsylvania, I was more than interested in his advice and the stories that go along with what Creek Stewart tells people to do in case they are lost in the woods, during seriously hot weather, or during seriously cold weather. I found it interesting that such a good looking guy can know so much about survival.

Creek Stewart began his journey discovering survival techniques at a young age, becoming an Eagle Scout at 14. He taught survival  at 21 to help pay for college. Stewart has written six books so far on making it through difficult times of yes, I’m going to say it again—of surviving. It’s very interesting watching him talk about how to make gross, smelly water into drinkable, clean filtered water, and how to start a fire. He even shows how to make shoes out of a snowmobile. Stewart’s books are sold on Amazon, by the way. Momzinga.com.



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