Oct 02

Haunted: New James Patterson Book: SIMPLY WRITTEN BUT STILL REALLY GOOD!

51eGn7ghQAL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Haunted written by James Patterson and James O. Born is two simple things—simple and good. Patterson and Born wrote Haunted as simply as possible. It was too easy to read, and was written to a seventh grade level. Haunted is not written for scholarly scholars, who quote poets .Patterson’s books are written to be read fast—which blows me away how anyone could write that well, but so simply.

Haunted is both a fast, great read, but it does this aggravating thing. Haunted stops and starts just getting good action, and then the action stops. Background information is inserted in super simple terms. Then the action comes racing back to only be halted again by explaining what we should already know. Hey, if we have read any Patterson—Michael Bennett thrillers before, and watch action adventure movies, we as readers should know why cops do not stand in front of doorways when they knock on them.

I found after zip lining through 100 pages of nonstop action, explaining what just happened and throwing in some background information, I felt myself feeling a tad bit tormented and still entertained like a good novel should make a person feel. It was a truly an odd experience, but also a good one.

This time around Bennett’s eldest child Brian goes to jail for peddling drugs, his grandfather has a heart attack and he finally does the right thing and marries Mary Catherine.

By the way—-Haunted has two book excerpts from James Patterson’s upcoming books contained within the pages of Haunted, from Chase and The People v. Alex Cross. Momzinga.com.

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