Oct 03


The  Puerto Rican, San Juan Mayor, Carmen Yulin Cruz has been bitching in the media for a week now of how President Donald Trump has not done anything for Puerto Rico, since hurricane Maria devastated the island. Well, turns out  Cruz,who voted for Hillary Clinton is lying. Even Geraldo, currently a Fox contributor, has called her on what she is saying.

Well Ladies, and Gentlemen, it is called lying. The Mayor of San Juan, Puerto Rico is lying and saying Trump has not done a single thing for her country. Through online sources, I have learned she is lying because President Trump has sent  Puerto Rico numerous containers of water, food and generators.

Liberal Mayor Carmen Yulin Cruz needs to stop complaining and get working. How about stop calling the media daily, and bitching on camera, of how ‘awful’ President Trump is? How about getting on the phone and start coordinating efforts to get food out to the dehydrated masses, Ms. Cruz?

Looks to me, like Cruz is using this disaster as an opportunity to bolster her public image. Cruz is getting her name, and her image out in the ever so one sided Liberal media’s limelight, by squacking about the dire conditions. The owner of a truck company was saying he couldn’t get the water and food sent over by Trump to the devastated people because he did not have any drivers. So the trucks filled with much needed supplies sat in refrigerated trucks next to a supply station, all day in the hot sun.

How exactly do truck drivers get trucks through to donation areas when the roads have been taken out by the flooding, the high winds and probably still—at the time have electric lines lying across them?

I don’t know about you, but what can President Trump do for the island nation of Puerto Rico, when the Mayor of San Juan is not coordinating efforts to get food and water to her people, but yes she can find the time to hug them in front of the media cameras?

How about coordinating an effort to put people to work, to fix the roads to get the food and water through? How about stopping the bitching and ask for Donald Trump to bring Americans to Puerto Rico to rebuild roads, get electricity running again and to help out, instead of firing off missives of “save us from dying”? Stop lying and get to work!! Momzinga.com.


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