Sep 29

We Are Never Meeting in Real Life: Sorta, Kinda Funny!

Okay at first I kind of found  Samantha Irby’s We  Are Never Meeting In Real Life, sorta, kinda funny, then the middle dropped out and this book became anything but funny. It became annoying! We are Never Meeting in Real Life is true, because her humor was not funny. Okay, great she makes fun of herself, hates nearly everything and everyone on the planet and somehow somebody seems to think this is funny. Almost all of the Amazon reviews I scanned were head over heels, falling down drunk with laughter over We Are Never Meeting in Real Life.

Maybe that’s what I should have done before I started reading this book on a hot September fall day was had way too much to drink, fallen down with drunkenness and left my mind somewhere else, because I didn’t find Real Life to be like real life at all. It was ummm—dumb. It wasn’t  funny. It was however bland , similar to really bad supposed comedy movies where nothing is funny and all the jokes are geared towards someone who has no soul, heart or substance and is under 35.

To read this book and find it funny, I think most people who will enjoy Real Life need to live in a big city, love big city life and hate being outside, or walking outdoors and despise the wildlife that goes with being outside such as squirrels, chipmunks, cats, dogs, elk, chickens and all the animals I essentially love. So, no I did not find We Are Never Meeting in Real Life funny, adventurous or interesting. It seemed like one big complaint session to me! Momzinga.com.

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