Sep 28

THE BIG LIE: Discover How The Alt-Left is Taking Over America

The Big Lie explains how the Alt-Left is desperately trying to take over America by slandering, bullying and educating our populace on what they feel is the way America should be—a Fascist country. Progressives, Dinesh D’Souza explains are doing everything they can to control Americans, including having the media lie to us, having Progessives bully and beat up Conservatives at Trump rallies.

D’Souza tells us how the Big Lie is spreading all across America and making people mind numb zombies who carry on as if someone took their Iphones away. It’s very sad how America has become very divided as anation and how the Alt-Left is blaming this all on Trump in a hate campaign. Hillary and her cronies have not stopped campaigning, they are continuing the hate campaign every day. That’s what makes it sad, because they are not accepting that Trump won the presidency, and they are not allowing him to carry out his presidency.

D’Souza talks about how the Alt-Left is making Trump and all Conservatives out to be Facists, and Nazis, just like Adolf Hitler, when in fact what they are doing is lying to people who will listen to them. Sad that anyone would believe their lies, because as D’ Souza says in fact, the Alt -Left want America to become a Fascist nation so they have complete control of Americans.

How can people not see this happening? They have been under educating our children for at least 20 years, that I know of now, so that we are not smart enough to think for ourselves.D’Souza theorizes on ways to stop the Big Lies, but I became disheartened with how truthful The Big Lie really is. It kind of hurt to read all of what is happening in America today.

D’Souza also gave so many examples of past history, that I felt the explanations were too many, too oversimplified, and I felt that I already knew most of what he is saying.

The Big Lie is a good book to read to educate yourself to discover what is really going on in America today.Momzinga.com.


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