Sep 27


I was literally talking on Momzinga.com about happier topics, like gardening, hot weather and working hard, but I can’t ignore the trend that is going on in America today, where people are politicizing nearly everything. So I feel the need to say something and I am trying not to stand on a soapbox and yell with a megaphone in my hands. But somebody has to STAND for what is right and I believe respect for our flag, for our military and for America is the right thing to do.Whatever President Trump says is wrong to the Alt-Left and whatever he does is wrong to them.

To kneel during the National Anthem was at one time a respectful thing to do, now it is to show unity at a time when NFL players are using football games(America’s favorite pastime), to protest.

USA Today

Ratings, stocks down

What’s not disputed is that NFL ratings were down about 10% for the first three weeks of the season, which started Sept. 7, with about 15.8 million viewers (watching live or on DVR same-day), compared to 17.6 million during the first three weeks of 2016, according to Nielsen data. That follows a trend last year of overall viewership during the 2016 regular season, when ratings fell 8%.

During this past week of games after Trump’s Friday night remarks, NFL viewership fell 4% from the prior week (not counting ESPN’s Monday Night Football broadcast), Nielsen data shows. The NFL on Tuesday said that counting Monday Night Football, ratings in this most recent week climbed 3% from a year ago, when a presidential election debate conflicted with a game.

As the beginning of the NFL season has played out, stocks of networks that broadcast games and deliver pay-TV programming have taken hits, too. The overall stock market is up 2% in that time.

President Trump’s comments that owners should fire or suspend players who protest, followed by tweets that called on fans to act, has sparked much broader protests. Many more NFL players kneeled as the national anthem was played at Sunday games.

One problem with making a direct, causal link between NFL ratings and protests: The firestorm of controversy in the past few days doesn’t explain the down drift of ratings during the season’s first two weeks, when any kneeling protest drew little attention, said Bruce Leichtman, president and principal analyst for Leichtman Research Group, a research firm that tracks media and entertainment.

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