Sep 25

Weather Channel’s Storm Chaser Mike Bettes—Manslice Monday


Storm chaser– meteorologist Mike Bettes, is one of the best meterologists The Weather Channel has, but that is just Momzinga’s opinion. Besides, Paul Goodloe Manslice Monday in beginning of September 2017, and new younger guy TWC recently hired may be the best looking guy they have on air. Jim Cantore is nada in the good looking guy category, but does  have this immense intensity for the weather. Hey, I’d love to stand outside, live on camera with a microphone in hand, while the wind pummels me, so I can jump into and with the roaring wind. looks like my kind of fun!!

Mike Bettes is a good looking , currently 45 year old guy, who ran with the wind, and got caught by a tornado in Oklahoma, when the tornado caught his SUV, flipped it over several times. Bettes, the driver and cameraman were all lucky to get out alive.

Recently, Bettes helped save a family during Hurricane Irma in Texas, as the rain and wind raged all around him.What a guy!

But Ladies, The Weather Channel’s Weather Underground guy is married and has several children with his freelancing meteorologist wife, Allison Chinchar.

Mike Bettes was born in 1972 in Tallmadge, Ohio, went to Ohio State, earned a meterology degree, and started working at The Weather Channel in 2003. Momzinga.com.

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