Sep 25

Fierce Kingdom: Taken From Today’s Headlines, Written by a Master Storyteller

Gin Phillips knows exactly what she is doing. Her latest thriller, Fierce Kingdom is a thriller of a different kind. Fierce Kingdom is so well written to propel readers along at hyper-speed that I felt compelled to hold the book in my hands all night reading at what I can only call warp speed. There were not any dull moments of suddenly switching to background stories or switching to another character.

Fierce Kingdom is written in a propulsive manner.

Gin Phillips carries readers along at hyper speed, casting her web by continually having action going on. Phillips does the almost impossible by describing characters at the same time motion is going on. In other words, she keeps telling the story, and keeps it rolling, while telling in insightful meaningful ways what each character is like. Even James Patterson and Stephen King can’t and don’t write like this.

Gin Phillips did an amazing job keeping the story rolling about a mother and son who find themselves in the zoo with two, maybe three psyhchotic teens who need major mental help. The  teens come up with a scheme to shoot the animals in their cages at the zoo, while they act like they are hunting them.

Gin Phillips manages to write this story in such a brilliant method—she keeps out the nagging and telling us how we should be, instead simply telling the story. She draws a character analysis through action and the very smart mom-Joan figuring things out while the teens walk around getting excited about killing live animals behind bars.


Fierce Kingdom may keep readers up to the wee hours of dawn pouring through this propulsive book of careening action. But it is definitely worth every penny spent buying Fierce Kingdom and missing out on some sleep to read this book meant for great moms. Momzinga.com.

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