Sep 21


pooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooopTHINKING THURSDAY—HAPPY AND THANKFUL TO FINALLY OWN A HOME!!

Finally, after 30 years of marriage my husband and I bought a home. It’s an older home, but it is ours, and we absolutely LOVE it. Yes, it’s a lot of work, but I’d rather do the work on my home and enjoy sitting outside, on my very own patio. It feels Marvelous.

I discovered I enjoy doing yard work and love the victory of cutting down small trees and large weeds by hand. Sweat equity, I believe it’s called sweat equity.( I love my new refrigerator and quiet dishwasher too!)

I am beyond thankful to after 24 years of struggling, after we bought our first home, lost a lot of money on that house due to there being major hidden problems, that we finally own our very own home.

So now that we own a truly nice home,—-that we got inspected,  I am happier than a pig in mud. I love owning a home. I was never an apartment person. Sorry, if I am offending anyone living in an apartment, but I grew up in a house my parents bought, paid for and paid off, and that’s what I desired.

So after 24 years of working our butts off—yes, seriously, we are hard workers, we paid off the debt from buying our first home. We lost a lot of money on that house. And we sold it for less than we had bought it for. OUCH!

So now numerous years later, sweat equity, and with the hard efforts of my husband and I, and I have to add my loving, supportive in laws helped us over the course of our marriage, we bought a house. I am incredibly thankful and happy and humbled by the experiences we have had over the course of our 30 year marriage. I am super happy to be able to share this information with you. That’s Thinking Thursday and I am Momzinga! House in this picture is not mine!

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