Sep 20

Delightfully Sinful: The Riviera Set Is Decadent Without All of the Calories!

51xKAhC1xDL__SX331_BO1,204,203,200_Ooh lal la la! The Riviera Set written by Mary Lovell who has been writing biographies for over 30 glorious years  has written a book not only worthy of reading, but devouring in one sitting. It’s like eating decadent dessert, but without gaining any weight,! The Riviera Set is just that good!

The Riviera Set is,  a lusciously, richly written book carrying on about what women really want to know about. It’s sort of like a soap opera, but oh so much better.

I loved the Riviera Set, which is kind of gossipy, and partly historic written about a life we will never know—of the wealthy people back in the late 1800’s and well into the 20th Century. Intriguing, beautiful, stunning, enticingly written carrying readers away from our daily woes. It’s delightfully sinful. I’m telling you, it really is! Get the inside story!

Sitting down to read has not been my forte lately, but Mary Lovell had me reading about wealthy, famous people none of us ever have met and probably never heard of, but reading The Riviera Set made me for one feel like  I was part of a magical, enriching world of pampered, partying women who do not eat real food, but exist on cigarettes and champagne.

Name dropping became the new game, and I found myself completely enthralled by the descriptions Lovell put forth  of numerous famous people such as Winston Churchill, The Duke and Duchess of England, actress Rita Hayworth, and many more people, readers may not know about, but will be amazed to discover all about these pampered wealthy people  and how easy their lifestyles really were.

Partly history, partly intrigue, Lovell crafts books so well written, I feel happier, and much more relaxed than chopping away at the backyard could ever do for me.

So, relax and do enjoy a sip of something glorious, Dharling, while enjoying one of the most delightful books ever!Momzinga.com.


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