Sep 18


noNope, I did not say Lowe’s  is a sexy store. Lowe’s is a sexist store. Every time I walk into Lowe’s with my husband, not one employee looks at me, asks if I need anything, or asks if I need help looking at various big ticket items. No, various employees run over to my husband ask if he needs help, ignoring the lost looking older female.

This is sexist, because most of the people I see working at our local Lowe’s are male. I’ve also noticed no matter what time we are in a Lowe’s store–we have one a few miles from the home—either we are completely ignored at Lowe’s or a male employee runs up to my husband and asks him if he needs anything today.

Recently, we received such crappy service, I vowed to never set foot in the only home improvement store for miles, and go out of my way to shop at an older Sears store, or a farther away Home Depot. Why? Ummm—let’s see,the  cashier who would not turn around from her fellow employees while we waited patiently for the conversation to end. The lack of a smile, a “Hello” , a “Have a great evening.” or a thank you for spending yet more money at Lowe’s this weekend? Maybe this has something to do with my current rant about Lowe’s!

Not one  busy employee stocking shelves, talking about their college classes, and  local bands, did not look at my husband and I as we pondered what color blinds to pick out. But if an employee had made the effort to help us by answering our many questions, then a sale could have been procured. But, not anymore!

Yes, I am a pissed off female who does not enjoy being ignored when most females are the ones making the home improvement choices and when most  females are paying for these home improvement choices.  With more single female households, Lowe’s  needs to stop being sexist!

Stop running down the aisle, chasing male contractor’s dressed in Carhart gear from head to toe, and start following the older females wearing pink and blush orange from head to toe, because we are the people who are making the color choices for our homes, and we are the ones bringing in the bacon to pay for those colors: such as outdoor furniture, new lamps, blinds, shower curtains, and outdoor gardening supplies!

Lowe’s is a sexist, old fashioned store that needs to change it’s sexist behavior, because women will buy new flooring, blinds to match online, instead of shopping in a store where only men are talked to, waited on and asked if they need any help today. Momzinga.com.

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