Sep 14


The Child Finder–entices any living soul, who has a heart , loves people , and adores children to read the stories of two girls, not just one as the book description promises. The Child Finder is a heart wrenching book. The way in which Rene Denfeld tells the story of Snowgirl and Naomi propelling readers to read faster  finding out if Snowgirl and Naomi make it out alive.

Scary, propusively written, The Child Finder is a masterpiece of fiction!

I read over 100 pages in an hour of torment, needing to find out what happens to Snowgirl and what exactly happened to Naomi in her past to torment her into creating a career out of looking for lost children.

OMG! At times, The Child Finder does slow down, but for the most part it rips along at a fast pace. Somehow Rene Denfeld manages to make The Child Finder a beautiful book filled with scary monster-like people and beautiful people, who touch our hearts.

Readers will feel the love pouring forth to outwit the evil raging from Mr. B..Snowgirl is all of 5 years old when Mr. B finds her dying a frostbitten, horrible death separated from her parents. Madison becomes Snowgirl to escape the harsh reality of what has happened to her, and starts writing comfort words and draws comforting pictures to look at in the cave Mr. B has hidden her in.

Oh, how my heart ached for Snowgirl(Madison) as any mom would. The Child Finder moves along at a seriously fast pace where love triumphs due to Naomi having been taken from her family when she was a child. Momzinga.com!



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