Aug 28

IMPATIENT FOODIE: Create Healthy, Delicious Meals Faster Than A Speeding Bullet


Elettra  Wiedemann discovered that she wanted to do more than model, but use sustainable foods to create good, healthy meals to make in short amount of time.

Impatient Foodie,written by former model, Elettra Wiedemann whose mom is Isabella Rossellini, a former model and actress and whose grandmother is actress Ingrid Bergman. Elettra has a great can do attitude, has opened her own restaurant and certainly knows what she is talking about.

Impatient Foodie is a labor of love with over one hundred recipes to make in a fast manner. I literally can’t say all of the recipes can be cooked in a super fast, impatient manner, considering one I read , and loved the picture, took over 45 minutes to make. Coming home from work everyday and having to feed a hungry family in a limited time is not easy to do.

Wiedemann does give some useful cooking tips, such as buying cooking stock such as chicken–already made to cut way down on cooking time. The recipes look and sound delicious, and are both everyday foods to more entertaining for dinner parties kind of foods. It’s all good! Elettra  combines sustainable foods grown in a healthy manner with delivering meals in a faster way.

Impatient Foodie contains different sections on a variety of foods to create such as different vegetables. I was all in for the broccoli and cauliflower, but not the kale or the leeks. In fact the radish recipes kind of grossed me out. Wiedemann brings in several of her famous grandmother’s recipes, (Ingrid Bergman) , with Swedish meatballs, which my mom who was not Swedish used to make.

There are numerous recipes for Impatient Foodies to try. I love her ideas, bringing her family into the mix and the recipes which sound reasonably easy to make and kind of fun, even though I don’t like to cook.

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