Aug 24


sears-logo-2USA Today announced recently  that Sears is closing 28 more stores—which was a deceiving title.  After reading the story, I discovered Sears Holding Company was closing 28 more Kmart stores, not more Sears stores. The title of the story was deceiving yes, but not entirely incorrect.

After reading the entire USA Today story I realized how deceiving the media really is being–slanting the news in a negative or certain direction to get your attention. Almost every supposed news article title has certain attention getting words used to ahem get your attention. Words such as “brilliant, deadly, heartbreaking, adorable, cutest, threatening, impeachment”. All of these words I have read in the titles of poorly written stories on major news sites spread out across the Internet desperately seeking views.

 Sears has been in trouble for years now, probably due to improper management not doing their jobs correctly. Sad to see a 100plus year old company going out of business as Sear’s Holding Company’s CEO rakes in big bucks every year. How is that possible when his stores are dead and not a sales clerk is in site, in a store filled with merchandise that is clearly outdated?

My other point is that we took a chance on buying two new appliances at Sears online. We bought an LG washer and an LG dryer for about 600 dollars each. We received excellent service, were not charged for the installation of the washer and dryer. The two guys who brought the washer and dryer to our house were professional, fast and did a great job. They even arrived early!

We looked in a local Lowe’s and a JC Penney store in Buffalo, NY where no one at either store came out to greet us, ask us if we needed any help, or if we were just wandering the store to get out of the heat. After spending 15 minutes at Lowe’s looking at numerous appliances , not one employee came over to u, so we left.. At Penney’s a lady popped her head out of the backroom, asked if I needed anything, to which I answered, “Yes my husband to look at this washer.”  With that she disappeared  into the backroom, to not sell us the washer and dryer set that were on sale.

When we ordered the washer and dryer online at Sears.com, we got better service than at a large big box store. We got the on sale price advertised,  but taken away at Lowe’s.(When we went back to Lowe’s the prices on the washer and dryer were up to over 700 smakeroos, and our local Penney’s closed.

Lesson (s) learned—we took a chance on a store that is closing stores all over America, and received two great prices and excellent service. It pays to not listen to or read the media hype of daily negativity. It pays to listen to your heart, do your homework and to think for yourself! Momzinga.com.

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